Research Program

Our main research focuses on different aspects of the shark-human interaction and their influencing environmental factors, as well as the interpretation of behavioral characteristics of some of these species.

Interaction Courses

All workshops taught at the SharkSchool revolve around theoretical and “hands-on” interaction with a variety of shark species, and highlight what to look for when facing a shark, which factor(s) influence(s) the situation the most, how to interpret an encounter, and more.

Global Destinations

We teach all over the world: Azores, Bahamas (Grand Cay, Bimini, Eleuthera, “Tigerbeach”), Colombia (Malpelo), Costa Rica (Cocos), Ecuador (Galapagos), Egypt, Fiji, Mexico (Playa del Carmen, Guadalupe, Socorro), Palau, South Africa (Protea Banks, Alival Shoals), Tahiti, Yap …


A-S is the first and only shark-human interaction concept, which enables to determine the most influencing factor(s) during an encounter with a shark, and act/react properly.


There are things that should be done or avoided when being among sharks, likewise there are ways how to interfere when someone is in trouble in the vicinity of a shark. Recommendations are only as good as the respective tests and experiments have shown to be.

Shark Accident Research

Probably the most important task is the actual reconstruction of an incident in a similar setting with sharks of the involved species. This creates the basis for recommendations of how humans should act and react in comparable situations.