Interaction I, II & III

"All workshops revolve around ADORE-SANE, the world's first and only shark-human interaction concept"

Interaction I (Beginner)

This workshop focuses on the interaction aspects of different shark species. It will be taught what to look for when facing a shark, which factor(s) influence(s) the situation the most and how to interpret an encounter. Everything learned in the classroom will also be tried, and tested with and among free-roaming sharks within changing situations to give a thorough introduction to different scenarios.

• Introduction to ADORE-SANE 
• Daily in-water exercises (related to ADORE-SANE) 
• Detailed introduction in shark behavior, body language interpretation, and the interaction with sharks
• Overview of shark accidents/incidents, their analyses and interpretation 
• Do’s & don’ts for any common watersport activity

Interaction II (Advanced)

(Introduction I is a prerequisite to participate. Upon request, minimum 6 participants)

This workshop revolves around ADORE-SANE with special emphasis on the factors influencing watersport activities. Likewise, the lectures also use an angle called McOAP (Mental Capacity Oriented Animal Perspective) where situations with humans are viewed at from a shark's perspective. 

• Daily lectures on ADORE-SANE 
• Daily in-water exercises on shark-human interaction (related to lectures given)
• Interpretation of signaling among sharks
• Additional exercises while snorkeling, freediving and scuba diving

Interaction III (Expert)

This is the most intense workshop and is exclusively taught in the Bahamas at the SERC–Shark Education & Research Center. This workshop in Eleuthera is only suitable for divers/freedivers/snorkelers who want nothing else than interacting with sharks under different circumstances, get up close and personal with these animals, and want to listen to a different kind of shark lectures.

• Daily lectures on special topics of shark-human interaction 
• In-water exercises on advanced shark-human interaction
• Introduction to animal - human communication
• Introduction to the (spiritual) relationships with animals among different cultures