Lifeguard seminars

SharkSchool™, together with SAVN (Shark Accident Victim Network), offers the most in depth rescue methods for shark bite victims, techniques to prevent such incidents, and methods to defuse potentially dangerous situations. All recommendations and rescue procedures mentioned have been tested among wild sharks. This seminar is a condensed form of the ‘ACT, RE-ACT & RESCUE’ workshop. The seminars cover all types of rescues with special emphasis on beach activities. Lifeguard seminars are specifically tailored to the needs of the particular rescue groups and hence vary in duration (evening and full day seminars available). SharkSchool™ teaches this seminar within the entire US. Some of the topics and questions answered:

- How to read a situation, what to look for
- How to read a shark’s swim pattern
- How to approach a victim when a shark is still close by (as is most often the case, although the shark seems gone)
- Standard rescue procedures
- Wrongful instinct driven behavior of rescuers
- Former rescue missions analyzed
- Different location - different rescue
- Go for it or not: when decisions have to be made